Three tips for a successful pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an easy period to manage. So, in order to live this important moment to the full and give birth without worries, mothers-to-be must strictly follow three essential pieces of advice. Let’s take a closer look at these three prenatal tips.

Dress in comfortable clothes

During pregnancy, mothers-to-be must wear loose-fitting clothes that are adapted to their new body shape.  Indeed, a pregnant woman undergoes several physical changes, notably weight gain (0.5 to 2 kg). In addition, the breasts are mainly sensitive and increase in volume, which sometimes causes tugging or pain. Therefore, in order to feel comfortable and at ease, pregnant women should wear suitable bras. The most recommended models are bras with wide backs and straps, without underwiring and made of natural cotton. This protects them from possible cases of itching. In addition, casual clothes are also recommended for pregnant women in order to avoid the feeling of heat.

Opting for a good eating habit

Thus, during the first few days of pregnancy, which are particularly delicate, women should opt for a calm atmosphere. Similarly, pregnant women should also pay attention to their eating habits. As well as eating a balanced and healthy diet, pregnant women should also avoid smoking and alcohol. As far as coffee is concerned, it should be pointed out that consumption of more than 200 milligrams can lead to miscarriages, and to avoid the risk of foetal malformation, women in pregnancy should drink 2 litres of water a day. This not only promotes the elimination of toxins, but also allows for a pleasant change in the texture of the skin. In addition to drinking water, eating out should be reduced.

Other tips to consider

During pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women is covered with dead cells, which should be cleaned with anti-stretch mark products. Pregnant women should therefore regularly exfoliate their bodies at least once a week. In addition, to keep the skin fresh and moisturised, it is also advisable to massage the skin with care creams containing draining ingredients.