Did you know that these overrated foods are good, for you?

You must all have heard some fallacies about food while growing up. Like how you cannot take milk with fish or how fish is brain food, etc. the truth is we all have hard such things that are just entirely made up and have no scientific backing to prove how true they are. Due to this many people who don’t know the reality follow this belief and are devoid of some of the tastiest and healthiest foods ever. We are here to debunk all the rumors and make you see the reality.

What are the top wrong facts about food?

There are many wrong facts about different foods out there. And we have gathered enough data to prove them wrong. These are:


Calling all chocolate lovers to relish, chocolate is good for you! This claim is proved by researchers. However, it is important not to go completely bonkers over it. A bite or two of chocolate that has a high rate of cocoa beans is great for keeping the heart healthy and blood sugars in control. So go on take a bite or two, in a week that is

Egg yolk. 

This has been one that I grew up listening to. One of these is that egg yolks have salts that are fatal for hypertensive patients. The truth is that it is not true. The healthy fat in the egg yolk is great for anyone, and it is irreplaceable. So you should have it for breakfast!


In large quantities, beef has a high-fat content and is generally considered bad for hypertensive patients. However, you can take a healthy portion and cook it properly. The medium-rare is bound to cause problems. The one that is cooked all the way through is great for all people. 


We have debunked three major food fallacies for you. If you didn’t know before, now you do. Just remember to enjoy all foods but keep the quantity in mind.